Video Excerpts

ICE GurreKlange 
Baryshnikov Arts Center, NYC, 2012

ICElab Presents: Patricia Alessandrini - Omaggio to Berio | Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago 5/26/2012

Mismoded, excerpt 1 
Ensemble Vox Nueva, Spor Festival, Aarhus, 2011. Interactive video realised in collaboration with Henrik Ovad

Mismoded, excerpt 2

Mismoded, excerpt 3

Mismoded, excerpt 4

Mismoded, excerpt 5

Adagio pour l'absence, first excerpt

Adagio pour l'absence is anetwork performance for three musicians in two or more sites and two to ten ‘players’ controlling the interactive video via iPod touch/iPhone/iPad, with live-generated score, realised in collaboration with Rob King in 2011, and premièred at the Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC) in Belfast and the Institut für Elektronische Musik und Akustik in Graz. It is a collaborative work bringing together the physically-modelled interactive underwater world of Rob King’s Tentacles for Adagio with my own displacement of works from the repertoire.

Adagio pour l'absence 

second excerpt

menus morceaux par un autre moi réunis for guitar and live electronics 

first movement, recorded by Mauricio Carrasco, 2009