Instrumental/orchestral works with electronics

Il y a plus d’eau que prévu sur la Lune for contrabass flute and live electronics, 2020

A complete history of music for string quartet and live electronics, 2020

im Blutstrahl des Mondes for guitar, viola, contrabass and harp (with electronic gloves), 2018

Interludes (I-III) for guitar/electric guitar, contrabass/electric bass, piano, and live electronics, 2018

Tracer la lune d’un doigt for ensemble, Piano Machine and live electronics, 2017

Leçons de Ténèbres for ensemble and live electronics, 2016

Alphabet de Ténèbres for ensemble and live electronics, 2015

Forklarede Nat for string quartet and electronics (based on Forklaret nat), 2012

Grotteschi for tenor saxophone, video, electronics, video by Shirin Abu Shaqra, 2010

Hommage à Purcell for violin, cello, clarinet and piano with live electronics, 2010

menus morceaux par un autre moi réunis, four miniatures for guitar and live electronics, 2009

Funeral Sentences for violin, cello, guitar and percussion with live electronics, 2008

And list'ning and silent, and silent and list'ning, for ensemble with live electronics, 2007

De profundis clamavi (hommage à Alban Berg) for string quartet with live electronics, 2007

Soliloque (c’est ce parfait et pur amour...) for cello solo with live electronics, 2007

When David Heard for contrabass and percussion with live electronics (13 channels), 2005

Arrangement in Gray and Black for ensemble (8 instruments) with live electronics, 2005

Trio (d’après Schoenberg) for clarinet, cello and piano with live electronics, 2004

Vocal works with electronics

Ada’s Song for mezzo soprano, chamber ensemble, and interactive Piano Machine, 2019

Song of Alma for soprano, chamber orchestra and live electronics, 2018

Mismoded for soprano, guitar and percussion, live electronics and interactive video, with video by Henrik Øvad, 2011

à mon seul désir for soprano and chamber orchestra with live electronics, 2001

Sospiri for three sopranos with live electronics (16 channels), 2000


Nani, versions 1-4, 2009-2010

Instrumental and vocal works

menus morceaux par un autre moi réunis, four miniatures for electric guitar, 2013

Black, black, black (Omaggio a Berio), for flute, clarinet, viola, cello, piano and percussion, 2012

Omaggio a Berio (Black is the colour) for flute, clarinet, viola, cello, piano and percussion, 2012

Forklaret Nat for string quartet, 2011-12

Black is the colour (hommage à Berio) for soprano, piano and percussion, 2010

And list'ning and silent (hommage à Purcell) for trumpet, clarinet, violin, cello, piano and percussion, 2007 Arrangement in

Black for ensemble (flute, clarinet, piano and string quartet), 2006

3 Ritornelle for mixed chorus, 2006

Spento è già in me l’ardore (excerpt from the chamber opera in progress l’ultima prova), soprano and flute, 2006

Soliloques for trio (clarinet, cello and percussion), 2004

Soliloque I for cello, 2004 Soliloque II for clarinet, 2004

Underworld for ensemble (flute, clarinet, piano, percussion, violin and cello), 2003

Ritornelle for male chorus, 2003 Wie bin ich froh! for soprano, flute, clarinet and cello, 2002

Étude No.1bis (d’après D.Scarlatti) for piano, 2002

Variations (Hommage à Webern) for cimbalom, 2002

Trois Études for piano, 2001

In Memoriam Herbert Brün for ten instruments, 2001

Nadie Encendía las Lámparas for string quartet, 2001

The Colors of Silence for percussion quartet, 2000

Six Memos for the New Millennium for orchestra, 2000

Short film, music theatre and other media

Adagio de l’intérieur, light and sound installation, collaboration with visual artist Michael Kohle and media artist

Weidong Yang, 2019

Parlour Sounds, multimedia monodrama with electronic instruments and other live electronics, 2017

Mondgewächse, inclusive multimedia performance, with interactive video by Freida Abtan, 2014

The Yellow Ones Are Mine, music and sound design for a short film by Shen Yi Elsie, 2013

Gurre-Klänge, performance in four scenes for soprano, singing flutist, ensemble of twelve musicians, and resonating objects, with interactive video projection by Ross Karre and live electronics, 2012

Adagio pour l’absence, network performance for musicians and 2-10 ‘players’ controlling the interactive video via phone

app, with live-generated score, in collaboration with Rob King, 2011

Conversations with changes, music and sound design for an animated work dealing with urban spaces, reconstruction, and memory by Shirin Abu Shaqra, in collaboration with Justin Yang and Franziska Schroeder, 2010

They think therefore I am, music and sound design for a short film by Rukiye Sahin, 2010

Adagio sans quatuor, sound installation featuring instruments and objects which “play themselves” through electronic excitation and the use of physical modeling, 2010