Piano Machine

The piano machine uses physical computing technology to send voltage to a set of small acrylic "fingers", one for each note of the piano to be played. These very thin "fingers" dangle between the strings of the piano, such that they laterally hit the adjacent strings when current is sent to them, but do not otherwise touch the strings, such that ordinary playing techniques may still be employed.

Harp Fingers

Share Music Project

Share Music Sweden presents Mondgewächse Premiere

"Mondgewächse" is a new piece by composer Patricia Alessandrini, played by Swedish ensemble Gageego! and the In:fluence Ensemble. Traditional instruments meet music technology - an audiovisual performance.

Bodied Chambers

Bodied Chambers was developed in collaboration with Seth Parker Woods, who is both a cellist and a movement artist.
Bodied Chambers was premièred in Electric Spring, 2014.
In this piece, all of the technology is worn on the body of the cellist: two transducers are embedded in a shirt, such that the cellist brings them into contact with the cello by holding the cello against their body, while the cellist also wears contact microphones and one miniature microphone on the bow hand.

Orpheus Machines

A collaborative project of Patricia Alessandrini and Freida Abtan

Orpheus Machines is a collaborative project of Patricia Alessandrini and Freida Abtan, first developed at the NYU Waverly Labs in a residency in February 2015. This project began with electronically augmenting NYU’s collection of early keyboard instruments towards the production of a new work inspired by the mythological story of Orpheus.


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